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#Frequently asked questions

List of frequently asked questions which might answer your query. In case your query is answered please reach out to

What materials are used in these socks?
These socks are 80% brushed cotton, 6% polyester, 9% nylon, and 5% lycra. If there's anything else we can help clarify for you please let us know. :)
how high the socks reach on the leg?
The socks are intended to reach right below the knee, although they are adjustable so you can make them slightly higher or lower depending on your preference. The Medium size will fit leg lengths between 10.5-13.5 inches and the Large size will fit leg lengths between 13.5-16 inches. :)
What is the maxium calf size these will accomodate?
Our M-L will fit up to 14" calf circumference while our L-XL fits up to 17.5" circumference. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks,
What is difference in your socks labeled Premium from the other compression socks you sell?
these are absolutely the most "regular" feeling compression i have purchased anywhere. bottom is very thick, is comfortable for walking, and altogether doesn't come off as a compression sock if you are wearing shorts. it looks and feels like a real sock.
Can we wear Mothermade product overnight?
you can absolutely wear these overnight. We recommend wearing for at least 4 hours while awake to ensure they feel great before wearing them overnight for the first time. :)
Are they 100% cotton?
They are 81% premium cotton and cotton is the only material that touches your skin (the other materials are interwoven into the material). :)